What is Edubudy?

Edubudy offers a hassle-free admission system to schools as well as Parents. With just one form, parents/Students can apply to as many schools as they like, saving them time, effort and money. It Saves parent the hassle of queuing up in multiple schools during the admission process and also helps Schools increase their reviews, ratings and web presence much stronger as we promote them on our website and other social media channels. Users can log on to the platform for Researching Schools, view ratings and reviews, apply online and Schools can also log in to the portal and register their schools. Schools receive all the forms as per the criteria set by them in a sorted formats after the Aadhar Authentication of the Students and parents/Guardians.

Please go through our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy carefully before using our platform.



At Edubudy you can search for schools based on multiple criteria e.g. School Name, City, Area etc. Once you see listings of your preference you can further use multiple filters to find schools of your preference.


Once you have found the schools of your choice, you can choose to apply for admission in that school (if that school is accepting applications for admission) by adding them to your application cart. If the admission cycle for that school is not yet open, you can still add it to your SHORTLIST and we will notify you once the school opens the admission cycle.


Once you have selected all the schools you wish to apply at, you can complete the application form and submit the application form along with application fees to all the schools with a single form! Our website ensures that all schools receive your application form, you can view the progress of your application form, through your Edubudy account.

For Parents/Guardians/Users

Parent/Guardians/Users need to sign up and login to www.edubudy.com . They then need to fill the Student Admission form only once. After that they can apply to connected schools either through our website or our Edubudy app. They can search for schools of nearby location through our geo-tagging feature and apply to those in the comfort of their home without any hassle.
Yes, you can fill the Admission form through mobile app (Android & iOS) provided you can upload all the required document from your mobile devices.
No, Edubudy will charge a nominal convenience fee from the Parents for applying to schools along with the cost of the form, Aadhar Verification, cloud space for storing all the document, GST and payment Gateway Charges and one time Registration Fee of Rs. 100/-.
You can apply to all schools that are listed on www.edubudy.com .
Parents can pay the application fees online using Netbanking, PayTM or by Credit/Debit cards.
Yes, parents will receive an acknowledgement once the submitted form is accepted by the schools admin.
Currently Edubudy is in android and iOS platform.

For Schools

You need to sign an agreement with Edubudy and pay a Subscription fee to register with us. Post that School can post all the details about the School on Edubudy website. If you face any issue then please contact us at support@edubudy.com or call us at +91-11-40348440
Schools receive a filled form as per their requirement in sorted formats, pre-verified, Aadhar authorized digitalized data that can be filtered according to categories. Schools can replace tedious sorting process of applications with a very simple pre-filled .xls or .csv sheet saving the admin staff a lot of time and also removes any chance of errors. We also offer Mobile app for School admin to accept the forms on the fly without the hassle of logging in to the portal every time to check and accept the applications for admission. Edubudy also promotes Schools web presence across the digital medium and social media channels. Our geo-tagging features also makes school searchable for parents.
Yes, all schools across India can be registered with Edubudy. We understand that application fee would be different across different states, regions and schools and Edubudy platform is ready to cater as per the Schools need.
Schools can receive application fees or any other charges either through Netbanking or cheque from Edubudy.
We are also coming out with the below offerings soon..(May, 2018)
  • Schools and Parent Interaction(communication through digital mode)
  • Student Assignments/Projects/Activities.
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Event Planning
  • Job postings etc..
  • Android & iOS Apps free for all parents.